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Elevation Acrobatic was created to provide a solution to your problems. We understand that as a busy parent, you want to provide your children with extracurricular activities that not only keep them active and stimulated but also provide a safe and structured environment for them to grow and develop important life skills such as discipline, empathy and teamwork.

Our studio's values and principles align with yours, and we have trustworthy coaches who value your children's development as much as you do. We offer a safe environment where your children can explore, discover, play, and create without feeling exposed to adult themes too early.

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We recognize the stigma surrounding pole dance, but we believe in the physical, cognitive, motor, and personal developmental benefits of the artistic sport. We have over 16 years of coaching experience and offer a variety of genres within the art form, allowing your children to develop refined skills and techniques.

We understand that you may be anxious about time and your availability as a parent, so we offer a variety of classes and schedules that work for your busy lifestyle. You won't have to worry about missing out on important moments with your kids because you'll be involved in their growth and development while still being able to focus on your work.

We want to assure you that every child has the right to a safe space to explore, discover, play and create. We believe that it takes a community to raise a child, and every parent deserves access to effective and chosen team members who build and elevate their child.

Our Specific plan is simple - contact us, book your child’s trial class, register with us, and unlock your child’s potential. We guarantee smiles all the way and a good time every time. We also offer a free trial class, so you can see if our studio is the right fit for you child.

With Elevation Acrobatic, you can say goodbye to the frustration of feeling like your child is just another sheep in the pen. Your children will develop confidence and skills that will uplift them and take on the world. Say hello to happy and confident children with smiles all around.


Elevation Acrobatics Classes


Tumbling, Acrobatic Movement, Fitness for Kids

A safe, empowering and inspiring environment for kids to thrive.

Elevation Acrobatics Holiday Club


 Birthday Parties

Finding a safe, structured, and stimulating environment where your children can develop discipline, empathy and teamwork skills is not easy.

Elevation Acrobatics Programs

Holiday Programs,
Physical Education

Our studio offers a unique solution that combines the creativity of pole dance with the athleticism of acrobatics, providing a holistic approach to your child's development.


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  • What to wear to my Class?
    Short Tights Sports bra and tank top or any sleeveless shirt Bring a water bottle and small towel to clean your pole
  • Can children do Pole?
    Absolutely!! Acrobatic pole classes are a fantastic way to improve a child's confidence and encourage socialization. It develops strength, flexibility, and endurance and improves motor skills including coordination, balance and spatial awareness. Joining this sport, encourages discipline, commitment and fit, healthy lifestyles. These classes are perfect for complete beginners wanting to try something new; to budding young dancers and gymnasts.
  • Isn’t Pole just for adults?
    Besides the physical and cognitive benefits that pole offers kids, in the modern world, the stigma that pole dancing is merely an adult art form and that it finds it origin in exotic pole is quite overpowering. While pole dancing has gained popularity worldwide as a form of artistic and fitness expression, its origins are often attributed to various cultures throughout history. While it is difficult to pinpoint a single origin for pole dancing, there are historical references to pole-related activities in different regions, including India and China. In India, there is a long-standing tradition of Mallakhamb, a sport that involves performing acrobatic and gymnastic movements on a vertical pole or a rope. Mallakhamb has been practiced for centuries as a form of physical training and artistic expression. In China, there is a similar practice called Chinese pole, which involves performing acrobatic maneuvers and tricks on a vertical pole. Chinese pole has been a part of traditional Chinese acrobatics for many years, showcasing incredible strength, balance, and agility. While these practices share similarities with modern pole dancing, it is important to note that the evolution of pole dancing as it is known today also involved influences from other cultures, including the circus arts and exotic dance. Modern pole dancing, with its fusion of dance, acrobatics, and fitness elements, has become a distinct discipline that has evolved and grown internationally, drawing inspiration from various cultures and traditions.
  • Where are you located?
    We have classes in Durbanville, operating in Air Fit Studio and in Woodstock operating in The Pole Project.
  • Do I need a background in dance or gymnastics to start?
    Not at all, all you need is a passion for fun!
  • From what age can kids start with classes?
    Kids from the age of 6 are welcome.
  • What to wear to my class?
    For pole classes, please wear short tights and a racer back top or tight fitted sleeveless t-shirt. For hoop classes, you can wear long or short tights and a tight-fitted t-shirt or sleeveless t-shirt. Hair must be tied up.
  • What should I bring to class?
    Bring a water bottle and a small towel to clean the poles with.
  • What are the class times?
    Classes run in the afternoon from Mondays to Fridays. Head to Class Schedule to find the best time slot for you.
  • How many kids are in a class?
    We limit classes to 6 kids per class to ensure individualized attention.
  • Are there different levels in one class?
    Yes, we group ages together, which allows for different levels in each class.
  • Are there competitions?
    Yes, we have Hoop and Pole competition open to kids and adults.
  • Does my child have to compete if they join the classes?
    Not at all, although there are different physical and cognitive benefits to competing, this is not
  • Can boys join the classes?
    Our classes are perfect for boys and girls from age 6-18y
  • Will there be classes during the school holidays?
    Our classes run all year round. We are only closed for 2 weeks over December Holiday.
  • Can I try a class before a commit to a full month
    Yes you can purchase a once off trial session. Select which class according to your childs age, select pricing plan on checkout to see the discounted rate trial session pass.
  • How old should my child be?
    Boys and girls from age 6-13y are welcome.
  • Can boys join?
    Boys and girls from age 6-13y are welcome.
  • How do I edit or remove the 'Frequently Asked Questions' title?
    You can edit the title from the FAQ 'Settings' tab in the Editor. To remove the title from your mobile app go to the 'Site & App' tab in your Owner's app and customize.
  • What are the fees
    We sell packages as follows: 1 per week (PURCHASED IN A PACK OF 4 WEEKS) - R1000 2 per week (PURCHASED IN A PACK OF 4 WEEKS) - R1800 If you are going to discontinue we ask that you give us 4 weeks notice or please renew via our website or app every 4 weeks